Nov 26, 2011


We did Thanksgiving a little differently this year.  Instead of everyone going up to my grandparents house, Mike, my parents and I decided to stay home, Megan went to Jordan's house in NV, and Haley stayed up in Spokane. It was low key and relaxing, but we did miss the whole family. So, since we had a lot of down time and football watching, I decided to spice things up and take pictures of the day and show the way the Williamsons prepare food. And of course show off our amazing grammy rolls. Even though we didn't spend the holiday with the extended family, doesn't mean we still can't make grammy rolls!!

 And of course all the breads from Great Harvest, Mike's work

 My fiance! What a stud baker

 They wanted food

Oct 25, 2011


I had a photo shoot with two of the cutest girls! Their parents wanted some cousin pictures, so we had a great day walking around, playing at the park, and dressing up for halloween. These pictures showcase the fun day we had with the girls and their families.