Jun 25, 2012

The Milner Family

I had a great time photographing the Milner family! We walked though Old Town taking pictures in front of their favorite places that remind them of Temecula.  They are moving THIS WEEK to the east coast to live by family. I am so glad I was able to capture your wonderful family in a town that will greatly miss you. Save us a room in your new house because Mike and I want to come visit soon! Love you all.



Jun 6, 2012

Kelli Pederson

I had the wonderful privilege of photographing the BEAUTIFUL Kelli Pederson, who in my opinion should be a professional model by now. She is a friend of my sister Megan and actually helped make all the cupcakes for my wedding. She just graduated from Cal Poly Pomona and asked me if I could take her graduation photos. It was my first single person photo shoot and she made things so easy for me and every photo of her turned out perfectly! She has a natural beauty that made it so fun to photograph her, and I feel very lucky to be her first photographer... cause I think she could easily make a career for herself in this field. Mark my words, she will become famous someday:) Kelli just don't forget me!  

She decided to do push ups in her high heels so her arms look better in the pictures!

Had to get one model pose in