Sep 14, 2012

Baby Corinne

Welcome to the world Corinne Seto! She was born August 6th to Sarah and Kevin Seto. I attend the same church as the Seto family and I was so honored to be asked to take pictures of their daughter only a week old! She is so precious and has the cutest heart shape in her ear! Look for it in the photos:) My mom came with me to take photos of her and we had the best time holding baby Corinne and talking with Sarah and spending time with Shea, their other daughter, who just started Kindergarten. Such a beautiful family! Thanks Sarah for sharing this moment with me:)

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Sep 12, 2012

Morgan & Stoven

I LOVED this photo shoot! Taking photos of a horse was new to me, but Morgan's horse Stoven was so calm and gentle and he really enjoyed getting his photo taken. He even posed for me a couple of times! Morgan's mom Julie Omps sent me this paragraph about Morgan and Stoven...
"Blacky Von de Stoven is a 12 year-old Friesian gelding; his barn name is Stoven. We purchased him for Morgan about three years ago and they have turned out to be quite a good team together.
He was a Dressage horse with his previous owner. Morgan and Stoven have been training and competing in Hunt Seat. They have competed in competitions in Las Vegas, Scottsdale and Southern California winning numerous ribbons and championships."
Such a great afternoon! Thanks for the photo shoot Morgan!