Dec 31, 2012

Best of 2012!

2012 was such a great year!!! First and formost I got married to my best friend and its been the most amazing 9 months sharing my life with him! My photography buisness also boomed and I was so blessed with such wonderful and diverse photoshoots! I shot my first wedding in July and I have been very fortunate to have it published on 6 different wedding blogs! I also did family portraits, graduation pictures, youth rock climbing, Morgan and her horse Stovan, newborn baby portraits and to top the year off a 16th birthday party (which will be featured next week!). This year was such a stepping stone for my photography buisness and I feel like I grew as a photographer and I am now moving in the right direction to make this passion into my full time career. I had the best times at the shoots and I had the best husband with me every step of the way encouraging me and pushing me to do more than I could ever imagine! 2012 was my growth year and now I am excited to use 2013 to push my passion for photography into new levels which includes advertising myself more! ( I am the WORST at advertising!). I am excited to see what 2013 has to offer, which hopefully invloves moving back to Spokane in the next couple of months and tackling the photography world in the great North West! Also keep an eye out for my new branding which includes a new logo and a new blog! Bring it on 2013! I am ready for you:)

Dec 4, 2012

The Walters

Introducing the Walter family!!! Debbie has always dreamed of having her family pictures at a barn  so we made that dream come true! They brought all kinds of fun props and we had a great afternoon of exploring the barn and figuring out new angles to take pictures. And the photos turned out so fun! I had such a great time with this amazing family!