May 18, 2012

Wine Tasting!

Mike and I work at Great Harvest Bread company here in Temecula, and our bosses surprised us workers to a day of wine tasting! Temecula is known for two things... Penchanga Casino, and wineries. We get couples coming into the bakery ALL the time who are from out of town and are here for the weekend to visit all the wineries. So, we were very excited to be treated to a day of wine tasting! We have such an amazing staff... We are all very close and all between the ages 20 (almost 21!) and 30... with the exception of James who is 31 and not getting any younger.  So it is given that we had a great Sunday together outside of work and tasting fabulous wine.  Naturally, I brought my camera for a good photo op that I could use for my blog:)

 This is Gus. He is a regular at the bakery. He gave us a tour of his winery, Maurice Car'rie. 

Great Harvest Crew

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