Feb 23, 2013

Another Day in the Office

Welcome to the inside viewings of my real job 5 days a week! I am very blessed to be working with my husband and such wonderful co-workers who love and care about bread. On this special day our mixer broke. So I decided to document the day on my husbands iphone 5 (so sorry about the quality of the photos). We do not normally mix and kneed all the bread dough by hand, but this day my husband and josh had to because the mixer was down. It is VERY tough work but they loved every minute of it because they got to experiment with the bread! It was such a fun day and I was so excited to document it all. Sorry for the 5 of you co workers that are not pictured because you didn't work that day! Don't worry... I'll get pictures of you soon:) So welcome to Great Harvest and the amazing and talented people behind every loaf you buy!

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