Mar 18, 2013


So my husband and I decided on our day off to go to all the places Sunset Magazine suggested we go around Normal Heights, just right outside of San Diego. We ate and drank WAY to much that day... but how can you not with so many cute little coffee shops and fun new food joints to check out! We first went to Dark Horse Coffee Roasting which only serves coffee made from a french press. No lattes, espresso shots or frappes... which worked for us because we only drink ice coffee! Cute little place with great personality and a great logo, which is my favorite. Then we wondered around all the neighboring cities such as North Park, University Heights, and ultimately Normal Heights. We structured our day around the North Park farmers market that started at 3 (I am a HUGE sucker for farmers markets!). I love the community feel of farmers markets and walking around smelling all the flowers and buying all the local produce. If I could I would go to a farmers market every day of the week. After that we went to the big build up of the day... Swine & Soda. They just opened up shop a week before with its neighboring business Polite Provisions, both owned by Erick Castro. Swine & Soda offers gourmet meatballs (that are to die for!) and a variety of fun sodas in glass bottles. We got three meatball sliders: pork, quinoa, and ground beef. We probably ate them way too fast, because then we wanted their fries and roasted brussel sprouts, which were amazing. Great atmosphere, an open roof which was perfect for the beautiful San Diego weather, and friendly employees. We ended up talking to Jason who is the manager of the place and he shared with us how they opened and the fun features Swine & Soda and Polite Provisions has to offer. We were too full to go next door to Polite Provisions and order cocktails on tap, but we now know where we are heading first next time we are in the area! We had such a fun day and I was just so excited to share it with you all! So if you're in the area you need to stop by all the places I wrote about! You won't regret it:)

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